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Surfing Heritage and Culture Center Announces its pre-registration campaign for the “The Endless Summer” Special Interest California License Plate.

In coming to the final stages of the pre-application process to create “The Endless Summer” California special interest license plate, Surfing Heritage and Culture Center (SHACC) has begun the process of proving the public interest in this exceptional plate.

The plate will picture the movie’s well-recognized poster. The State of California requires that SHACC submit a minimum of 7,500 applicants before it will approve the plate and proceed with its creation. SHACC has opened a “pre-registration” site in order to gauge interest and gather names for registration when the time comes. The pre-sell will commence after the sponsoring state agency files a letter of intent with the Department of Motor Vehicles and the proposed license plate is approved by the Department and the California Highway Patrol.

If approved, a portion of the proceeds from “The Endless Summer” special interest license plate will help SHACC in programming that shares the history and culture of surfing with future generations.

“The Endless Summer” is credited with being the first “Adventure travelogue” and introducing surfing into mainstream of America. Unable to find a film distributor, Brown proved its popularity by booking a theater in Wichita, Kansas where it sold out for two straight weeks in the dead of winter. Still unable to convince mainstream distributors of the films popularity, he did a similar booking at New York’s Kips Bay theater where it ran for a year. After these two successful runs, Brown was successful in securing a distributor and the film has played millions of times since it’s release.

Click here to sign up at www.surfplate.com.

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