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Nick Green Wins 2019 Follow The Light Award

On a beautiful evening in Dana Point, the Follow The Light Awards made a triumphant return. After a brief hiatus, the surf photography grant in the memory of the late Surfing magazine photo editor Larry “Flame” Moore was resurrected this year, and after an...

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RIP: Glen Kennedy

Glen Kennedy shaped his first surfboard in 1968 and never put the planer down until he gracefully kicked out earlier this month. In Malibu this weekend hundreds of family, friends, fans and local surfers gathered at First Point to give their local legend a proper...

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Temples of Stoke

By Shaun Tomson Fifty years ago, my father took me into the only surf shop in my hometown of Durban – it was called Surf Center – how about that for a name – the center of surf. I’d been in the ocean since I could walk, and graduated from body surfing, to riding a...

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RIP: Bill Blackburn

It’s always hard to say good-bye, especially when it’s a dear friend that’s played such a huge role in our lives here at SHACC. Sadly, Bill Blackburn, a founding partner and our first president, has slipped from this world. Blackburn, President Emeritus and Founding...

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Relik Longboard World Tour Coming To Malibu

On Saturday, June 22, Malibu will again be home to a world-class display of longboard surfing as 48 of the world’s best gather on the sands of Surfrider Beach for the first stop on the 2019 Relik Longboard World Tour. With its innovative format, $100,000 total prize...

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Phil Edwards’ First Day In Hawaii

As Told By Phil Edwards The first time I went to Hawaii I was 15 years old, it was Christmas vacation. My mom said, “If you’re not home in three weeks I’m coming to get you.” Hobie wrote me a letter of introduction, but I don’t think I ever got to use it. When I got...

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RIP: John Creed

After a long, fruitful, well-lived ride, John Creed has gracefully kicked out. A longtime friend and supporter of the Surfing Heritage and Culture Center, Creed’s warmth, good nature and passion for living will be greatly missed. A life-long surfer, Creed came of age...

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Go Faster: Gerry Lopez on the Birth of the Shortboard

In the lead up to the "Go Faster" exhibit at SHACC we sat down with Gerry Lopez to talk about the start of the Shortboard Revolution and when he felt things really started to change. He pinpointed a happenstance meeting on Maui during the winter of '66/'67 between...

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RIP: Mike Doyle

Mike Doyle gracefully kicked out in his sleep at home on Gringo Hill in Mexico with his loving wife, Annie, by his side. Born in 1941, Doyle was a waterman in every sense of the word. His impact on the sport, culture and lifestyle of surfing began back in 1954 when he...

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RIP: Gary Propper

Florida icon, '66 East Coast Surfing Champion and longtime Hobie team rider Gary Propper has gracefully kicked out at the age of 72. Inspiring countless surfers up and down both the East and West Coasts with his stylistic approach, Propper's signature Hobie model was...

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RIP: Harold Walker

With the passing of Harold Walker, the surf world mourns the loss of another brilliant pioneer. One of the integral players in the early advancement and acceptance of Polyurethane surfboard blanks, his contributions to the sport of surfing and craft of surfboard...

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