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Gerry Lopez on Rell Sunn’s Lifetime Achievement Award

When it came time for someone to accept the SHACC Lifetime Achievement for the late Rell Sunn at the 2018 Women Making Waves Ohana Gala, lifelong friend Gerry Lopez humbly obliged. "Her beauty was far beyond the skin, it was as deep as any ocean," he said in his...

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In The Edit Bay With Dan Foote

“It’s hard to describe that feeling when you look at something and you know you’re the first person to see it in 30 or 40 years,” explained Dan Foote when we caught up with him for a quick chat. “It’s just an absolute joy.” By day, Dan works in the TV business and...

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Women Making Waves Ohana Gala Makes Splash In Laguna Beach

SAN CLEMENTE, CALIFORNIA — On a beautiful summer evening in Laguna Beach, the Surfing Heritage Foundation and Culture Center celebrated decades of “Women Making Waves” and honored four of surfing’s most influential ladies. Celebrating the lives and accomplishments of...

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Interview With Ohana Gala Artist: Phil Roberts

For the better part of 40 years Phil Roberts’ artwork has been capturing the spirit and the stoke of surfing. Starting with his famous Surfer magazine cover in 1982, he’s painted and illustrated his way into the sport’s artistic consciousness. Abundantly creative and...

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The Endless Summer Special Interest License Plate

Surfing Heritage and Culture Center Announces its pre-registration campaign for the “The Endless Summer” Special Interest California License Plate. In coming to the final stages of the pre-application process to create “The Endless Summer” California...

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