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“Five Summer Stories” Drive-In Movie at the Dana Point Harbor

Surfing Heritage and Culture Center with Dana Point Harbor Partners, presents the seminal 1972 surf film, Five Summer Stories starring Gerry Lopez, Eddie Aikau, Sam Hawk, David Nuhuhiwa and many more. The music, by local band Honk, continues to inspire.

Heralded as “the finest surf movie ever made,” Five Summer Stories is a cultural icon, a time capsule from a watershed era when the world was at a critical crossroads and its reflection was clear in the emerging sport/art of surfing. Against a backdrop of the Vietnam War and the Nixon years, Five Summer Stories was the culmination of the joint surf-film careers of Jim Freeman and Greg MacGillivray. Code name “The Last Surfing Movie” during production, the movie portrays a young, outlaw sport at a strategic point in its creative evolution–and at a historical crux in time. Now you, too, can do what audiences of the 1970s did–you can hoot and scream and go crazy–all in the privacy of your own home. “For the surfing aficionado, Five Summer Stories is an incredible barrage of audio-visual stimulus.” SURFER Magazine

All proceeds benefit SHACCs mission to share surf history and culture with future generations.

$30 carload (yes, stack em like cordwood) pre-sale


$40 at the door