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Temples of Stoke: A Celebration of Surf Shop Culture

Temples of Stoke: A Celebration of Surf Shop Culture
SHACC Presents
A Celebration of Surf Shop Culture
Opening Night: Friday, August 9th, 2019 · 6-10pm

For well over half a century surf shops have served as the de facto gathering place for surfers. Not only a place to buy a new board or pick up some surf wax, almost immediately they became cultural hubs where the latest news from up and down the coast was readily available. Stories could be swapped, hijinks could be perpetrated, and the bonds of a tight-knit community were further strengthened. Today, with the proliferation of online shopping and the decline of the “brick and mortar” retail experience, it’s not surprising that the significance of surf shops has been somewhat diminished, but they’re vital pillars in the surf culture and their impact and significance continue to burn bright. In celebration of all that is great about our beloved surf shops, this exhibit will allow some of the most renowned and established shops from up and down the West Coast to showcase their own individual histories and the impacts they had in their respective communities.